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Our site exists in order to provide the interested with all the resources, information and related links available on the internet regarding Eco-Friendly Choices.


For too long lip service has continued to be paid to the green movement, with faint-hearted calls to people to conserve energy, and with endless reminders to recycle waste material in order to give the appearance of wanting to create a more sustainable society. However nowadays, with the weight of scientific investigation after scientific investigation being weighed against people’s desires to carry as they have done, burning fossil fuels and mindlessly pumping carbon dioxide into the environment, it can be seen that the tide is beginning to shift.


With actual consequences of our behaviour beginning to be seen the world over, in terms of melting ice caps, droughts and extreme weather systems, people are beginning to accept that this is an issue that cannot be resolved simply by recycling a little more garbage and fitting energy saving light bulbs around their homes.

So now is the time for action, because without it we will surely travel past the point of no return, the scientifically identified “tipping point” at which feedback loops of carbon dioxide release into the atmosphere will cause global warming to spiral out of our control. People all over the world need to start investing in renewable energy resources immediately, such as PV solar panels to power their homes, and wind farms to power their cities, and if they do, there is a chance yet that disaster may be averted. If you would like to comment on our Eco-Friendly Choices website, feel free to do so.